Counseling Services


Counseling Services provided by Alcohol and Addiction Support will be determined on a case-by-case basis. All clients will complete a thorough, personal diagnostic assessment; after which your counselor will create an individualized treatment plan that is specifically tailored to your needs. Your counselor will assist you in developing a daily plan of living in recovery. Clients will be expected to report to their counselor at predetermined intervals throughout their treatment to ensure client accountability towards their agreed upon goals.

As Needed Access to Your Counselor:

Along with standard, scheduled counseling sessions, Alcohol and Addiction Support offers our clients instant access to their licensed counselor via phone, text message, Skype, or email. Access will depend on client’s needs and technical capabilities. We believe that in early recovery, scheduled sessions alone are not adequate enough to provide support for the newcomer; therefore, in addition to counseling appointments, our clients can utilize professional guidance and support, as needed.

Scheduled Counseling Sessions via Skype:

Using online video conferencing as a mode of communication for substance abuse counseling is an effective, confidential, and convenient alternative to face-to-face sessions. The program we use is Skype; a free, high quality video conferencing program that allows us to see and hear each other using your computer and a webcam. All Skype sessions are encrypted to ensure privacy and confidentiality. You can read more about it on our Home Page or by visiting Skype.

Scheduled Telephone Counseling Sessions:

Telephone counseling is an additional option for our clients which offers a private, safe environment to help resolve issues related to substance abuse and chemical dependency. Telephone sessions will be scheduled at the client’s convenience.

**Prices will be determined by client’s needs and ability to pay**